Movie Review: The latest Bond movie, Skyfall, finally landed in theatres after protracted difficulties surrounding the recent bankruptcy and restructuring of MGM Studios.  Thankfully, the details have been taken care of, and the result is one of the best Bond films of all time.  The storyline is incredibly fast-paced and action-packed, while still creating deeply personal and emotional explorations as well, which many Bond films fail to achieve.  The shots of Shanghai are truly incredible and mind-boggling as it illustrates China’s rise.  Counterpoint to this setting are the scenes shot in Scotland and England are equally beautiful in showcasing the natural beauty of the UK’s rugged terrain and historical architecture.   Daniel Craig proves himself (again) to be an incredible James Bond, with the physical strength, the emotional complexity, and the Bond charm that is required in this role.  The series is truly in good hands knowing Craig is going to be reprising the role for at least the next couple films as well.  Judi Dench as M, and guest star Albert Finney, do an amazing job in the film in their roles, and the combination of solid acting, solid script, and action sequences that wow the audience make this film a perfect Bond movie.  The theme from UK singer Adele is a perfect Bond opening, reminding us of the beautiful opening to Goldfinger.  This movie truly gets is right.  Well done!

Overall Review: 5 stars out of 5 stars