Movie Review: This movie, starring Glenn Close as the title character, was about Mr. Albert Nobbs, a woman posing as a man in late 19th century Dublin, Ireland, so she could find a job as a waiter in an era where sexism was rampant and equality was not considered important.  Glenn Close does an amazing job as the actress playing Mr. Nobbs, and Close actually got involved behind the scenes with co-producing and co-writing the screenplay on this project as well.  The film had some strong and heavy messages, and for the most part did a great job at bringing them to our attention.  There were lots of serious and sad situations going on here, and the viewer was treated to many of them, as well as seeing a glimpse of Mr. Nobbs’ suffering behind the closed bedroom door of his servants quarters as well.  The struggle with gender identity after so many years acting as  a man was also very intriguing.  Although some of the themes could have been explored in more detail, overall this film did a great job at showcasing a complex story in a difficult era.

Overall Review: 3.5 stars out of 5 stars