Movie Review: One of the earlier anime movies from Director Hayao Miyazaki, this story centred around Princess Nausicaa, who was trying to lead her people to a healthy and productive existence in a planet where there is limited safety and healthy living conditions due to environmental disaster and global conflict that happened long in the past.  Nausicaa leads her people and has an ally in the wise Lord Yupa, and they must defend their people against a growing threat from a neighbouring society that wants to use violence to take more control of the limited land and resources of the scorched planet.  Looking at this anime over, I had to say I was impressed with Miyazaki’s directing and writing.  The views of the planet, from the healthy inhabited areas to the poisonous deserts and desolate areas, was beautiful, and really made one think about the themes being brough forward in the writing (such as the risks of environmental destruction and war).  The characters were rich and complex, and in the English version the voice talents of Patrick Stewart, Uma Thurman, and Alison Lohman made for an excellent experience. Overall, this was an excellent tale and one of Miyazaki’s more thoughtful, creative, and enjoyable anime movies.

Overall Review: 4 stars out of 5 stars