Movie Synopsis: Harry Potter has returned to his fourth year at Hogwarts, and the dangers inside Hogwarts have increased with the Triwizard Tournament coming to the school, which is a series of challenging magical tests for those deemed brave enough to represent their school.  This means representatives from two other schools from abroad have also been brought to the school for the year.  But with increasing speculation of Voldemort supporters gathering, and with lingering questions about where loyalties truly lie with students like Malfoy and teachers like Professor Snape, Harry and his friends know this will be a year fraught with danger and risk, as they seek to uncover the truth.

Movie Review: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, now the fourth movie in the series, continues what was so successfully done in the third film, which is to explore the darker and more intense storylines and plot developments.  This is definitely not the more child-friendly first two films, but there are some frightening and even disturbing scenes for children, and even for adults.  New director Mike Newell and screenwriter Steve Kloves have done a nice job of taking a much longer book, and condensing it to the key pieces for one film.  The acting is solid and as before, the principal leads now in their teenage years continue to develop strong acting skills and develop strong interplay between each other.  New actor Brendan Gleeson as the new Professor Mad-Eye Moody is particularly strong as a new member to the ensemble cast.  Newell does a great job leading the effort, including some exceptional new special effects.  Overall, this is a great movie, although one must admit it doesn’t quite have the same level of emotional and reflective resonance that the third movie had, something was missing.  Overall though, this was an exceptional movie that was intense, suspenseful, and action-oriented.

Overall Review: 4.5 stars out of 5