Movie Synopsis: Following immediately from the second film, we see Lisbeth Salander in hospital but facing the prospect of a trial for murder and attempted murder, as well as running the risk of being placed into a mental institution, the same one she was abused in earlier by evil Dr. Peter Teleborian.  Mikael Blomkvist continues to use his sources and resources to track down the truth of what is transpiring, and he starts to learn some very serious truths about corruption that runs to the highest levels of national powers in Sweden running back decades.  In his efforts to stop it without getting himself or his friends hurt, however, he must be very careful, particularly because he has involved his sister, lawyer Annika Giannini, in representing Salander at her court case.  Blomkvist must work with Salander (from behind hospital walls and prison cell) and Giannni to solve the truth of this case, before the court convicts.

Movie Review: This third film, based on the novel by Stiegg Larsson, is a very satisfying end to the trilogy.  The story becomes extremely complex, and the screenwriter and director have done a nice job at summarizing the many complexities of plot and story and character into a manageable movie for the audience.  The roles of Salander (Noomi Rapace), Blomkvist (Michael Nyqvist), and Giannini (Annika Hallin) are played extremely well, and we really have come to care about these characters, a great testament to the work they have done.  The combination of character development, constant intensity and action, and  the continuing evolution of the corruption angle and presence of many mysterious and dangerous characters, allows a fantastic story to be told here.

Overall Review: 4 stars out of 5