Movie Synopsis: Lisbeth Salander has been able to travel around the world, enjoying some time off from her previous world.  However, when she returns to Sweden to take care of business and is summarily accused of multiple murders, she is on the run from the police and dangerous criminals out to get her.  Meanwhile, journalist and friend Mikael Blomkvist works tirelessly with his magazine staff to get to the bottom of the murders and try to clear Salander.  The work will also cause him to explore her mysterious past, which is full of frightening truths.

Movie Review: The second film in the Stieg Larsson trilogy is another exciting tale of action, espionage, thrills, and character development, with Salander and Blomkvist in two intertwined but seperate places, both working towards similar but different ends.  As we see Salander work to uncover the frightening details of her past, and as we see Blomkvist work to solve the mystery around the murders Salander has been accused of, it is amazing to see how the stories come together, and how the friendship of the two grows despite the fact they are physically apart for much of the film.  The chemistry between them is clear despite this physical seperation, and again shows the skilled acting of Noomi Rapace and Michael Nyqvist.  The plot develops into new ground with this second film, and although it doesn’t quite have the intense whodunit nature of the first film, what it has instead is some very frightening and intense scenes.  Because of the great work done by the screenwriters and cast, we care about many of these characters, and so the scenes become all the more dramatic and urgent.  Although not quite as enjoyable as the first movie, this one is still an excellent film that explores some intense issues.

Overall Review: 4 stars out of 5