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Book Review – 2312 – Kim Stanley Robinson — December 23, 2013

Book Review – 2312 – Kim Stanley Robinson


▪   Book: 2312

▪   Author: Kim Stanley Robinson

▪   Genre: Science Fiction

▪   Year of Release: 2012

▪   Read 640-page paperback edition in November 2013.

Book Description: In the year 2312, terraforming and space travel have allowed the solar system to be opened up with transportation and settlements on moons and planets.  New technology has made advances in artificial intelligence and extending life.  However, earth is suffering from overcrowding and pollution, and a lack of political organizations working together is leading to dangerous conditions for humanity.  It is up to several disparate characters and people to come together and stop a dangerous set of situations from occurring, while also trying to instill a new order that can bring about new peace and prosperity to life in the solar system.

Book Review: This book, written by Kim Stanley Robinson, reminded the reader quite a bit of Robinson’s Mars trilogy.  It was hard science fiction, and Robinson’s talent at world building is clear.  One of the strong points of this book was Robinson’s ability of building a unique solar system with historical information that is interesting, and descriptions of various planets that are quite beautiful.  At the same time, overall this book suffers from much of the same issues that plagued the Mars trilogy.  Specifically, character development is very poor, and action is very stagnant and slow moving in this novel that feels entirely too long.  There are entire chapters that are choppy, hard to follow, and slow, without any indication they amount to anything that moves the plot along.  The characters are often boring, confused, and in the case of main character Swan, she comes across as a complaining, unimaginative, spoiled brat, even though she is well over 100 years old.  She is certainly un-endearing to the audience, and after awhile we tire of seeing her temper tantrums and self-pitying diatribes.  Overall, although this book definitely has some beautiful descriptions, overall this is a slow read and an unenjoyable novel.

Overall: 2 stars out of 5.