April A-Z Challenge, April 1, Letter A: April Fool’s Day

First off, I am super excited for the A-Z blog challenge this month!  I have never participated before, and the last couple years I have not written (outside of work) nearly as much as I have wanted to.  I sometimes find it hard to summon the energy to write the fun stuff I WANT to write because during working hours (and overtime hours) I write a lot, and so it’s hard to get the energy to get going when writing outside of work.  But I decided in 2014 to try and change that, and really motivate myself to blog more, write more in my journal, and write more of my first novel that is in progress!  So this A-Z challenge will be a great motivator to write more 🙂

Anyways, that all being said, the one other thought I had today that was a perfect fit for the letter A was April Fool’s Day.  I usually don’t think about it much, but for some strange reason today I kept thinking about it all day.  I was constantly checking what people were saying in my mind, and thinking, “is this a joke or a prank of some kind?”  Nothing (that I know of) came up April fool’s related for me today, but I was certainly watching for it!  Anyone else have April Fool’s experiences today?

Well, happy April Fool’s Day everyone, happy start to the month, and happy start to the A-Z blog challenge! 🙂