April A-Z Challenge, April 2, Letter B: Boyfriends and Books

Ok, so just a quick snippet of thought on two subjects that are intersecting in my mind, boyfriends and books.

Now, I have had boyfriends in the past who were fantastic.  And I have had boyfriends in the past who were, shall we say, “less than fantastic.”  (LOL!)  But regardless, the fact is that one thing that happens when I’ve been in relationships in the past is that I have less time for some of my hobbies and pursuits, namely writing and reading.  Therefore, books end up piling up, unread, on my shelf.

Now, for the past little while, I have realized I am ready to be in a good, solid relationship.  I would like to have a caring, awesome boyfriend in my life, and I think I would reciprocate and be an awesome boyfriend back 🙂  However, whether it’s timing or something else, I am single, and have been for awhile now.

I could be down in the dumps about that, and sometimes I do feel a little down, I won’t lie.  (I will save my diatribe on the unfair societal assumptions that being single is bad, that’s another blog, haha.)  But anyways, I am an optimistic person, and so I look on the positive side.  Even if I don’t have a boyfriend in my life at present, I do have lots of wonderful books!  And that means I have more time that I can spend reading books (and writing as well)!

Boyfriends and books, two intertwining concepts on this day of the letter B, lol 😛