April A-Z Challenge, April 4, Letter D: Dutch Blitz

There are many ways people here in Manitoba who have Mennonite background may express their roots.  Mennonite can mean cultural, religious, or other types of contexts.  Some choose not to identify with this element of their past at all.  Some may still attend Mennonite churches and follow Mennonite religious beliefs, which traditionally have often tended to be conservative.  Some may hold fast to core Mennonite tenants and values, which in my mind centre around peace, love, family, hard work, frugalness, and many other themes.  Some may celebrate certain cultural contexts and pieces, such as good food or a disdain for materialism.  And of course every Mennonite individual takes bits and pieces of these and integrates them into their constructs of life.  Mennonite today is certainly a diverse word that means different things to different people.

With that long intro, I decided I should share one light-hearted snippet of information about my Mennonite experience.  That is the game “Dutch Blitz” which is an awesome card game for all ages!  Those of Mennonite descent likely know what I’m talking about! 😀  It involves a pack of coloured cards, which usually resorts to a fast paced game of yelling and fun … it is a fun reminder to me of past evenings with family and friends … and promises of future fun with loved ones … and it always brings a smile to my face, knowing so many others have enjoyed this social game before me, and will enjoy it in days and years to come 🙂

If you haven’t played dutch blitz yet, buy the game online (or find it at a store if you can), and start playing today! 🙂