April A-Z Challenge, April 8, Letter G: Goals for 2014 – Progress Report


On January 1, 2014, I decided to take some time on a quiet New Year’s Day afternoon (which on a side point was a MUCH better day than the prior New Year’s Day, but that’s another story, lol), and think about what my goals were for the coming year. Yes, it sounds so rote to sit and plan “new year’s resolutions,” but these were not simply resolutions, these were GOALS. I figured if I wrote goals, (a) it wouldn’t matter if I didn’t necessarily achieve all of them, as they were simply goals, (b) it would focus my thoughts for the year of 2014 because I could come back to some documented goals, and (c) I could have something to work towards for the year (not necessarily a strategic plan for my life, but goals for a 12-month period.


I therefore took some time, relaxed with music, and came up with 6 broad goals. There were notes I developed underneath each broad goal of examples and ideas, and I ended up drawing a web picture of how the 6 goals actually interconnect with each other. In summary though, the 6 broad goals were:






5)   PIANO



I thought this blog posting for the letter G could be a good time to look back on my Goals from January 1, and briefly see how I’m doing, 3 ½ months into the year.


Goal 1 – WRITING – I have definitely made some good inroads in this area so far in 2014. This blog has been a good example of increased writing in the year, and this A to Z challenge has been a great way to get into a better writing groove! I have started working on my novel as well, and my goal is to finish it this year, and I am hoping once the A to Z challenge is over, that will line up well with being a little less busy at work (May – Aug should be a bit quieter), and I can turn more attention to writing!


Goal 2 – READING – I have definitely made great progress in this. 2013 and 2014 have seen me improve the amount of fiction and non-fiction reading I have done “for fun” (ie: not work-related reading). I have really done a great job increasing this, which is good because there is so much I want to read!


Goal 3 – SPIRITUALITY & REFLECTION – This one needs some work. Although I have done lots of reflection through writing in my personal journal, I do want to do some spirituality-based readings and personal reflections, and haven’t gotten to that yet this year. Something to put some time and energy towards going forward.


Goal 4 – CAREER – I have definitely been very busy at work, acting in my bosses position for 5 months now. This is a good thing as it gives me a chance to be constantly learning at work every day, as I am thrust into new scenarios and have to deal with new problems. One thing I do want to do though in 2014 is put some real thought towards where I see my career going in my life, what I see myself doing, and what I really want to do.


Goal 5 – PIANO – Well, I haven’t even started this yet, lol 😛 I am hoping to start taking piano lessons again in September 2014, and I would like to start banging out some notes and practicing earlier than that. We’ll see!


Goal 6 – PEOPLE – In some respects I feel I have done well with this. This is all about putting people in my life first, making people and friendships and relationships and family first. I feel I have improved some communication with certain people in my life, and that is a good thing. I feel I have allowed myself to be vulnerable with someone, and although it didn’t end to my exact satisfaction, it still ended in a good place, and I am very satisfied with the quality of my open honesty. Overall, I know there is still some work to do in this, we can always strive for better communication and relationships with the people around us, but I feel I have made positive steps in this area in 2014 so far.


And there you go! Some really good progress I am happy with, and some pieces of work that still need to be done. I will be continuing to press forward with these, make more progress, and continue to look back to the list to reflect and remind myself of personal goals. One thing is for sure, it is great to have personal goals set down, so you can go back and remind yourself that personal development is enjoyable and can feel great! 🙂