April A-Z Challenge, April 8, Letter H: Movie Review – H & G (2013)

Movie Synopsis: In this Manitoba film, the fairy tale of Hansel and Gretel is given a modern spin, when a single mom gets into some bad situations and loses her two young children, who end up in a variety of scenarios where they need to make adult decisions to get out of trouble and find their way.

Movie Review: Interestingly enough, this film had several things going for it, and several things that really detracted from it. At the end of the day, one could say it balanced out into a half-decent movie. Of course, a low-budget local film always has challenges, but as an independent film this did have a fun, fresh, almost gritty feel to it, and actually heightened the value of the film as a fairy tale on screen. Furthermore, the two principal actors in this movie were the two young children, and the kids did an exceptional job acting, often times with little dialogue, instead using facial expressions to show us what they were thinking and feeling. One final positive point in the film, the music and cinematography were very well done, especially scenes in meadows and forests, where one actually felt they were outside feeling the breeze of wind or the rustling of leaves. On the negative side, the lack of dialogue in the film could be seen as a good thing, but in some cases the dialogue that was there felt very forced, to the point that the writers didn’t appear to know exactly what to have their characters saying during the course of the film. On a more serious note, the adult acting in this movie by the principal and secondary adult actors was extremely poor. The adult acting felt very forced, fake, and phony, and not at all what one would expect at this level of a film. This really detracted from the overall quality of the film.

Overall: 2.5 stars out of 5 stars.