April A-Z Challenge, April 10, Letter I: Interconnection

I find the word “interconnection” to be fascinating, often a concept we don’t have time to think about in day to day lives.

Interconnection, according to Miriam-Webster, is a verb that means “two connect two or more things together.” By being a verb, this is meant to be an action word, meaning some active work is done to ensure this interconnection.

I find this concept really important when thinking about relationships, whether they be in friendships, family relationships, or romantic relationships.

The idea of being interconnected, or being able to connect on multiple levels perhaps, can be some of the key ingredients in a successful friendship or relationship. I think we all enjoy meeting someone and getting to know them when we feel we can connect with them on multiple levels. Often times we get to know someone, and we may like them and enjoy their company in certain contexts. But when we feel we can open up to someone, and when we feel we are being heard and understood for who we are; and when we feel both individuals in the friendship or relationship can get real mutual enjoyment and benefit from the other person … that to me is a truly successful friendship or relationship. And the word that describes this is interconnection.

Finding interconnections in our lives, and especially amongst close friends, close family members, or in a romantic partner, can allow for some of the best times to happen in our lives.

Allowing ourselves to open up and explore how we are interconnected with the people in our lives, will enable greater happiness and joy in our lives 🙂

My thoughts for the day as we get closer to the weekend! 🙂