April A-Z Challenge, April 12, Letter K: Kapuskasing Coffee and Komodo Dragons

It’s Saturday, so a relaxing blog post is in order! 🙂  Two K thoughts for the day:

1) Kapuskasing Coffee – This is an awesome song by Canadian singer-songwriter Justin Rutledge, who this month won the Juno award for best Solo Roots / Traditional Album of the Year.  The song is a simple, thoughtful, and melodic masterpiece.  Rutledge has also been able to take the sound and lyrics of this song and really make it feel very Kapuskasing, Ontario.  (It feels very northern Ontario-ish somehow.)  Always enjoyable to hear a song that has coffee and Canadian references in it, lol 🙂  Link to the song on youtube: http://youtu.be/z-9lWcSkr2o

2) Komodo Dragon – What an awesome animal the komodo is!!!  My need to reference the komodo whenever possible is partially an in-joke for one of my best friends 😉  But at the same time, the komodo really is a fascinating animal.  It is a large monitor lizard found on some of the Indonesian islands.  Due to the fact there are not other large predators on the islands where the komodo lives, they have been able to evolve to the size they are today, and they are the dominant predators in their local ecosystems.