April A-Z Challenge, April 16, Letter N: Numerous Thoughts

I have numerous thoughts running through my head this evening, here are some of them for my N blog, lol.

1)   Work has been so busy the past few months. In fact, work has been super busy probably since December 2013, so that equals 5 months of super busy times. I am so looking forward to May – August. Although it won’t be slow, in a workplace with not enough staff and ever-increasing responsibilities, it will always be busy. But it will be nice to have a few months over summer of less crazy day-to-day work, and have a bit more manageable days where work isn’t so intense and there is a little more time to be efficient, take time to plan strategically, and get some items off the “to do” list that have been there a long time when daily pressures have been so high.

2)   I am looking forward to May – August for some vacation time too! Not sure where all I am going yet, but some time off, whether it is time at home to read/write/etc or some actual holidays outside the city will be nice!

3)   I am looking forward to July because my crazy busy volunteer commitments will finally lessen a little after many years. I will still be plugged into my volunteer work, but not quite as much time will be required. This is good for the organization to get fresh ideas and also good for me so I can re-focus on other goals and plans I have for 2014.

4)   I am looking forward to summer weather, just to sit outside in the sunshine and read/write and run outside. After a long winter of being cooped up a lot, it’ll be great to get outside again!

5)   I need to figure out where my personal life is going in terms of dating/romance/relationship/etc. So much complexity behind this, and lots to think through still.

6)   I am feeling very tired tonight for some reason. My eyes are sore. Likely from the crazy work week the past few weeks, lol.

7)   Is that enough numerous items for tonight’s blog? I think so, lol 😀