April A-Z Challenge, April 23, Letter T: Movie Review – Titan A.E. (2000)

Movie Synopsis: This animated sci-fi movie by 20th Century Fox involves a rogue young adult named Cale who is called upon to take part in a crucial mission to save the dying human race, who have been scattered throughout the galaxy ever since Earth blew up 16 years previously.  Cale must overcome personal struggles and larger challenges to try and save humanity from extinction at the hands of deadly enemies.

Movie Review: This film from 2000 does a nice job of opening with a bang, with an amazing animated sequence of the Earth actually getting attacked by aliens and blowing up in a huge ball of fire and rock. This was a great introduction to what was a fast-paced animated movie.  Animators did a wonderful job in the creativity department, doing some truly unique creations with such things as the various aliens in the movie, who were truly original, not a rip off of previous science fiction films. As for the main characters, there were several that were introduced to us throughout the movie, of different qualities, from different places, of different species, etc. This made the movie very exciting and gave it an always-invigorating look. In terms of music, this films soundtrack simply rocked.  The fast pace of the movie fit nicely with music from such bands as Jamiroquai. The music always flowed with what was happening in the plot, giving the film a powerful and flowing beat. Looking to the storyline, there were many suspenseful and surprising plot twists and turnabouts found throughout the movie. The main plot, that of finding the Titan, matched yo very while with a well-developed sub-plot, that of the main character and hero, Cale, on a journey of self-discovery. On the whole, fabulous classic animation, great music, interesting characters, and an amazing story all combined to make this animated sci-fi film a truly wonderful movie to watch. Well Done!

Overall: 5 stars out of 5 stars.