April A-Z Challenge, April 24, Letter U: Urban Living

Urban living is an amazing thing.  I was at a coffee shop today, actually it was a combination coffee shop / local bookstore.  It was an awesome time, and it was fun to get some work done, relax in a local urban coffee shop with people around me, hearing people drinking coffee, visiting, writing, reading, buying books, and relaxing.  It is a fun local coffee shop in a quiet urban neighbourhood.  In fact, it’s called the Neighbourhood Coffee Shop!  I quite enjoyed the opportunity to work, but also to think about the joys of living in an urban environment.  My city is mid-sized, and as such we don’t quite get the pure anonymity or all of the variety of arts and culture and options that a large city gets.  But on the other hand we are not in a rural place either, where it might not be the easiest place for an openly gay person.  On the whole, living near the downtown in my mid-sized city and being able to do urban things like go to coffee shops and write, go to plays and shows when they come to our city, etc. makes for a good life.  Sometimes people complain easily about urban living, the congestion, pollution, potholes in the roads.  But overall, it’s good to take a step back and count blessings, and be grateful with the good things about living in the city 🙂