April A-Z Challenge, April 28, Letter X: Xinjiang and Other Travel Destinations

As the April A-Z Challenge gets close to completion, I wanted to have a chance to do at least one more random blog (ie: not a movie or book review) and I thought, with the letter X, what better theme then to talk about travel?

Now you may ask how does this connect with the letter X? You will see below. But anyways, I love the idea of traveling more, and seeing more places. I love seeing destinations, meeting new people and experiencing new cultures, and just learning while checking out art, architecture, history, geography, and other places.

I have many places I would like to go in my lifetime, and here is a quick list of places I have not been to yet, but would like to get to. (And the list is by no means complete as I always learn about new places I would like to see one day!)

1)   Xinjiang, China and Mongolia – I have always felt this desire and interest to see Mongolia, and nearby Xinjiang, an independent autonomous region that borders Mongolia. Being able to see the Gobi Desert firsthand, and learn more about the diverse and broad history of this arid landscape seems fascinating to me.

2)   Scandinavia – I have always wanted to check out Norway, Sweden, and Finland in particular. These three northern European countries have interesting cultures and histories, and in some ways they may be similar to Canada in terms of the northern climate/location that may (or may not) influence the culture. I would be curious to learn and experience these places, and compare/contrast them to Canada.

3)   Russia – Although I have no plans to go to Russia these days given political instability and the countries current hateful policies towards lgbt people, I would eventually like to see places like Saint Petersburg and the Siberian Railway and see firsthand this country’s amazing architecture and art, among other things. After taking a University course on Russian History, I would also like to learn firsthand and be a witness to some of the harsh realities of this country’s checkered past.

4)   Mexico – As a Mexican Mennonite with family ties to Mexico, I would obviously like to check out Mexico, both to learn more about Mennonite and family history, but also to learn more about how Mennonites in Mexico live today and relate to the Mexican population themselves. And of course seeing the history around the Aztecs and Incas would be incredible as well!

5)   Tanzania – After doing a high school project on this east African country, I have always wanted to see Tanzania (and neighbouring Kenya) and check out the amazing animals in the area, Mount Kilimanjaro, and Lake Victoria, among the many other incredible things in the region. Also experiencing African culture would be wonderful.

6)   Australia and New Zealand – What more can I say, who wouldn’t want to see these fantastic countries!? Australia for its coastlines and also to see the interior desert (for some reasons deserts fascinate me and spur my imagination). New Zealand for its Hobbit and Lord of the Rings scenery.

7)   Antarctica – If I could be an observer or do any kind of job (even the cook lol) on a scientific expedition to Antarctica, this would also be an incredible experience in my mind. Perhaps because I grew up and live in Winnipeg, Canada, where we have brutal winters, I would love to see what an even harsher climate would be like.

And I know there will be more to come as I learn more about the great wide world we live in! 🙂