Movie Review – 7 Boxes (2012)

Movie Synopsis: A young teenager named Victor receives an opportunity to deliver 7 boxes of unknown materials across a marketplace in a busy Paraguayan city. However, he soon realizes he has gotten into some serious trouble, when he finds himself on the run from a variety of dangerous individuals, as well as the police.

Movie Review: This film from Paraguay, was in a word, flawless. The film, in Spanish with English sub-titles, was absolutely fascinating. The scenes in the Paraguayan marketplace were incredible, showcasing the population density, the poverty, and the dangers of day-to-day living. It also showcased some amazing scenes that varied between the comedic to the shocking to the absolutely suspenseful. The movie moved in fluid and quick turns from action to mystery to suspense to thriller to comedy to romantic-comedy, and the quick succession of material and scenes allowed for an engaging ride for the viewer. The film was 105 minutes but did not feel that long at all, as the pace was very fast. The story was engaging and well-written, and the decision to reveal what was in the boxes about half-way through the movie was perfect. The directors (Juan Carlos Maneglia and Tana Schembori) employed some interesting techniques and shots to create intensity but also emotion for the audience. The principal actors were all excellent, including the main character Victor, played by Celso Franco. The music added to the depth and excitement of the story being played out so quickly before our eyes. Overall, this was an incredible movie from Paraguay, and definitely one worth seeing. Well done!

Overall: 5 stars out of 5 stars.