Movie Review – The Heat (2013)

Movie Synopsis: In this comedy/action movie, a no-nonsense FBI agent who is vying for promotion must adjust her ways to work with a local Boston police department detective who has a very different approach to solving crime.

Movie Review: Although this movie may not stand out as a perfect work of comedy or action, it does bring a lot of laughs and fun times together with lots of police action.  Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy come together and play off each other wonderfully, and both look like they had a great time together making this movie.  They have great chemistry as the unlikely cop duo, and lots of humour and good times ensues, often at the expense of Bullock’s character, and the result is a fun movie with lots of good times.  Although the script is not amazing, the two principle actors do a great job making this a fun way to spend 1 ½ hours of your time!

Overall: 3.5 stars out of 5 stars.