Movie Review – Million Dollar Arm (2014)

Movie Synopsis: A struggling independent sports agent and his partner come up with a unique plan to try and recruit Indian cricket players and train them to be pro baseball players in the USA major leagues.  However, the plan is fraught with a number of challenges, both financial and cultural, along the way.

Movie Review:  To summarize my feeling on this movie, I would suggest this was a fun movie that creates lots of warm fuzzes in the heart, but that at its core is also a pretty traditional, run of the mill sports movie that we have seen before, with some new cultural references and thoughts brought in for good measure.  The acting and story of the movie are well executed, and the fact it is based on a wonderful real life story adds great dimension to the film.  There is also some great character development between some of the characters in the film, although there seemed to be room for improvement in this area.  There were also some great lessons here that were scratched at the surface around culture shock, understanding between and across cultures, and similar themes, however these could have been explored in greater detail.  Overall, the film had a great message and was a lot of fun, but didn’t necessarily feel like anything shockingly stunning or new.

Overall: 3.5 stars out of 5 stars.