Writing 101 – June 2014 Challenge – Thoughts on Writing

I am very excited for the Writing 101 Blog Challenge! For the month of June, in addition to my usual blog posts regarding movie and book reviews, I will also be doing 20 assignments on Mondays through Fridays during June, which have the goal of encouraging writing and blogging. Some of the assignments may be written in such a way that it can help me with my novel writing that I am currently doing, some may be connected to a movie or book review I was going to write anyways, or some may just be new ways to be creative. In any event, motivation to write more often is always welcome!

Today’s first assignment is simply to write some thoughts and free-write over 20-minutes. Hence, the above introduction to what I am doing, and now some additional thoughts going through my mind around the art of writing and how I can take some steps to focus, improve, enhance, and increase writing (and reading) in my life this year and beyond.

I know my biggest challenge when writing comes not in the actual process of writing, but rather when I am NOT writing. What I mean by that, is that when I am simply thinking about writing, I often think of the challenges. When will I find the time? What will I write about? Am I even creative? These are worries and thoughts I have. However, when I actual get busy and start writing, I find the motivation and creativity is strong, at the surface, and the words come much easier. Therefore, sometimes the hardest part is just to get started! Once you’re started, the writing can often come smoothly and easily. You just need to find the drive, energy, and motivation to do it! I need to keep that in mind!

And on that note, I need to try and have more energy. Sometimes, especially on weekdays, I feel so tired from working, that writing feels like too much work, that the energy required is to great. And that is sad, because I love writing. I love reading as well, but that also requires energy. I often wish I didn’t need to sleep as much, so that I would have more hours for these important activities! I know my goal of working less overtime at my day job and getting to a point where I just work 40 hours of hard work each week but no more, will help. And the fact is we humans require a good amount of healthy sleep every night. Sad but true, lol. But one other thing I will try to do to revitalize myself and reengage myself energy-wise is to make sure I am getting exercise multiple times per week, consistently. I remember one year, about 5 years ago, where I literally went to the gym and/or ran outside 5-6 times per week, consistently, for an entire year. It felt exhilarating. I was so happy! And I think that energy and drive actually helped me to feel good throughout my day and gave me more energy for all the tasks and activities I did, both work-wise and hobbies outside of work like writing and reading. I am going to try and get back to that, even by being at the gym or running outside 4 times per week would be a good thing. Healthy lifestyle and increased energy levels!

I have also been doing a great job with healthier diet. I have a little improvement still possible in this, but overall I am doing good, and I need to continue with healthy eating, because this also adds to healthy energy levels which can help writing, reading, and other activities.

So the above can be summarized as follows:

  • Getting past the hurdles of thinking about writing and its challenges, and instead just sitting down and doing it!
  • Healthy exercising, which equals positive energy levels for writing, reading, etc.
  • Continued healthy diet, which equals positive energy levels for writing, reading, etc.

Overall, I am very excited for increased writing and reading in 2014. I think 2013 was the year I finally increased reading after several years of less reading. Five months into 2014, I have continued this trend of increased reading, and I have started to finally increase my writing as well, after several years of less writing. So far this year I have started a personal journal I have kept up with, and I have engaged more writing on my blog. The last seven months of 2014 I want to write more on my blog and journal, and get into the heart of my novel that I am working on.

Here’s to a 2014 of reading and writing, as part of a great year of being creative and using imagination!