Writing 101 – June 2014 Challenge – Special Places

When I think of where I’d most like to be or see right now, three categories spring to mind.

I think of my past, and my favourite job of all time, at the Assiniboine Park Zoo. Obviously I had a wonderful time in that role, and I really miss it, and I have great feelings of nostalgia which are almost painful sometimes. It makes me realize how much having a satisfying and fun job can positively impact your life as a whole.

I also jump to my future travel plans. I want to see a variety of diverse places, from Eastern Europe and Russia to the Gobi Desert in Mongolia to Kenya/South Africa/Tanzania, and many places in between.

I also think of a creative concept of the distant future, where I could see the planets of our solar system up close and personal. How amazing would it be to see the rings of Saturn, the great eye of Jupiter, or the ruddy redness of Mars? Amazing to think of.

Many great and amazing places that I’d love to see. And in the case of the last one, although it’s questionable whether I’ll see that in my lifetime given technological limitations of our current world and the fact I’m in my early 30s (lol), I can at least write about some of these concepts and ideas! Sometimes writing about these places is as good as being there – well, maybe not, but it’s a good start I suppose. 😛