Writing 101 – June 2014 Challenge – A Character Building Experience

In this blog entry, we are to speak about a friend and why they are meaningful in our lives.  For this assignment, I am going to write about my friend Debbie.  She is a wonderful woman who I work with in my office.  We have been friends for several years now, and she is truly a fantastic person.

Debbie is a fun-loving, energetic, exciting person, with a vibrant personality.  She will always be able to cheer you up when you are feeling down or sad.  She always looks on the bright side, and focuses on self-development and staying optimistic through challenges.  She has even had her own challenges in life, including being a cancer survivor, and she never let that keep her down.  In this way she inspired me and showed me how to overcome personal challenges with grace and poise.

Debbie has always been supportive of me as a gay person, and we have always been able to have fun in the workplace, sometimes to an extreme level where we can be ridiculous, usually behind closed doors to ensure we don’t offend anyone, lol 😛

Debbie is smart, and has learned from her life journey.  She is always ready to have frank conversations, provide useful advice based on her past, and support her friends and family no matter what.

Overall, Debbie truly is the embodiment of a good person and a great friend.  I am very lucky to have her in my office, and to have more than an office friend, but a life friend as well 🙂