Writing 101 – June 2014 Challenge – Give and Take

In this blog entry, our assignment is to compare and contrast two different things.  I have taken this to an abstract level, so I am thinking about the day versus the night, or the sun versus the moon.

I am thinking about how different feelings are evoked in the day versus the night.  As a writer, you can often craft scenes in similar ways, based on these different patterns of feelings.

When you’re in the daylight, you’re often thinking about energy, and vibrancy, and excitement, and getting things done.  You’re often busy, moving from one thing to another, and enjoying sunshine and heat and light.

When you move to the nighttime, you move to a more mellow and thoughtful time.  Perhaps you’re reflecting more on the past day, or more distant past.  Perhaps you’re reflecting on the day to come, or the more distant future.  You may also be thinking about nostalgic thoughts, or even romance or sensuality.

It’s interesting to consider those daily patterns of thought, that move in and out with each passing day and night, almost like a 24-hour breath.

Comparing and contrasting the day versus the night is something we likely do in our own minds in terms of how we perceive and think about situations all the time.  Intriguing …