Writing 101 – June 2014 Challenge –Point of View

In this blog entry, our assignment is to write a scene where the point of view is changed, to show how writing from different points of view helps to nuance and describe a scene in different ways.

I thought, what perfect scene to describe, then today’s opening World Cup 2014 match between home team Brazil versus Croatia.

SPOILER ALERT: The score is revealed in this post!

NOTE: I love the World Cup, I am so excited it’s finally on again, and I’m looking forward to watching lots of games in the next four weeks!

OK: onwards to the scene, broken into the two halves of the match, told from two points of view:


Mateo screamed and cheered, voice hoarse already, as the Croatian anthem ended.  He knew he and his compatriots were in the minority in this Brazilian stadium, but it didn’t matter.  He was sitting among friends, and dressed in red and white, they were all ultimately proud of their team, their nation, and the need to face a very worthy rival in Brazil.  Mateo knew they were in for a tough match, but early on, he saw his team rising to the occasion quite nicely.  Mateo watched the 11th minute approach of the match, and Croatia came towards the Brazilian net, and he sat on the edge of his seat, poised with excitement.  A cross was passed to the front of the net, and in a shocking twist of events, the Brazilian defender deflected the ball into his own goal!  It was an own goal, scored by Brazil on their own net, and Croatia was shockingly up one to nil!  The noise of the stadium was deafening.  Brazilian fans and players screaming in shock.  And Mateo jumped out of his seat, positively screaming with delight, hugging and shouting with his friends!  This was an opening world cup game to remember, Croatia had faced a dominating home team and taken the early lead!


Luis wiped the sweat off his brow.  Even though the temperature had cooled off in the Sao Paulo evening, he was nervous.  Although Brazil had tied the game one-all in the first half, and although the first half was mainly dominated by the Brazilian side, the opening quarter of an hour had shown some jitters on the part of the home squad.  They needed to get focused if they hoped to win this game.  Seeing the Croatian fans so excited on the play of their team so far led to some nerves on the part of the Brazilian fans, including Luis.  As time went on, his nerves over the game continued.  At the same time, looking at the sea of green and yellow in the massive stadium, was a source of national pride for him.  He was feeling proud to be Brazilian, something he didn’t always feel given the government was always facing corruption charges and other scandals.  But this was football!  Nothing else mattered at the moment except the win for his country!  And on home soil!  As he watched, chatting with his friends beside him and drinking, he thought of the strength of his team, and how they truly did have a great chance to go all the way this World Cup.  What a victory celebration that would be at home!  Suddenly, he stood on his feet.  An amazing chance was moving towards the Croatian net.  And yes, a goal!!  Two to one for Brazil!  He screamed, dropping his mostly empty cup on the ground, roaring and yelling with friends and total strangers in the crowd!  Watching the goal replayed on the big screens was a true joy!  As the game went on, and Brazil continued to show dominance, Luis was able to calm down fron the early nerves.  His team was settling in and playing well.  And as he joined in with the chants of “Ole!” near the end of the match, he was proud to see another goal scored by his team!  The match was going to end with the impressive three-one score, Brazil on top, and truly opening the World Cup tournament in impressive style!  Luis knew this was something he would savour for a long time, and would be memories he would relive and treasure for years to come!