Movie Review – Jodorowsky’s Dune (2013)

Movie Synopsis:

This documentary tells the story of the creative, and somewhat eccentric, artist Alejandro Jodorowsky’s attempt to bring the movie Dune to the theatre.  His huge dreams for the picture ultimately do not result in the movie being made, with movie studios backing out of the huge undertaking by Jodorowsky, but this documentary shows us the backstory behind all the pre-production work that went into this project, including interviews with the players themselves.

Movie Review:

This documentary was a truly fascinating look into the mind of a truly creative genius.  Jodorowsky is unique in terms of style, design, ideas, philosophy, spirituality, and outlook on why an artist makes his or her work, no matter what the medium.  These concepts all came across in a beautiful and humorous way in this documentary.

Jodorowsky and others involved in this project tell the story in all its fascinating glory, including the coincidences that brought the right people together at the right time, the bizarre history of Jodorowsky as a director, the funny illuminations into Jodorowsky’s many nuances and quirks, and the way the project received commendations from creative people but challenges and roadblocks from the more mainstream folks in Hollywood.

The “what-ifs” are explored nicely in this documentary, such as “what if” the Dune project had been fully realized.  We see a great glimpse into Jodorowsky’s humanity when he talks about his feelings when the project had to be canceled, and when he talks about his future outlook as an artist.

Jodorowsky is a unique artist and creator, with a unique philosophy and spiritual outlook, and the documentary did a great job of showcasing that.  The documentary did a great job at providing a large array of humour, while at the same time having some thoughtful, poignant moments and revelations that makes the audience think.  The documentary also had some great shots of the actual pre-production work, including artwork, paintings, and panel illustrations, although it would have been nice to see more of it throughout the documentary.

Leaving the film, many in the theatre were chatting thoughtfully, and I know myself I was wanting to read the book again, as it had been many years since I read the science fiction classic.  These observations to me show this was a successful documentary.

Overall, this was a fascinating look into a huge project for the movie Dune, and as one of the film critics said in their interview, it really makes you wonder how Hollywood might have been different if this film had been brought to the screen in 1975.

Overall: 4.5 stars out of 5 stars.