Writing 101 – June 2014 Challenge – Favourite Childhood Meal

I actually found it a little challenging to think of my favourite childhood meal.  I am not sure why, perhaps because I have lots of memories of eating good food with family and friends, a variety of meals, many of them home-cooked.

But two meals that come to mind easily come from my two grandma’s.

Grandma #1:

My first grandma lived in Mexico for a long time, had her kids there, and then immigrated up to Canada.  She was part of a large group of Mexican Mennonites, many of whom have moved to Manitoba and the Prairie North, and many of whom still live in Mexico today.  (There are many Central American and South American Mennonites as well, but this blog isn’t for Mennonite geography lol.)

Anyways, many times my grandma would make traditional Mennonite food for us, like perogies, farmer sausage, rollkuchen, etc.  These were obviously great foods and great memories.

But the memory that made me really happy and stands out for me were the times my grandma would instead make Mexican food for us, which was not necessarily traditional Mennonite.  She knew I especially liked this food, and so she would often prepare her own salsa / hot sauce, and make burritos or tacos for us.  Or she would make her own spicy hot sauce and serve it with some kind of pasta, making a Mexican/Italian variety meal, lol.  She was a wonderful woman and lived alone in her apartment for many years, but her meals were always clearly made with love and were very much comfort food 🙂

Grandma #2:

My second grandma lived one block over from my house where I grew up, and so I was over at her house a lot growing up, almost every day in fact.

When I got to be around age 10 or 11, my grandma and my youngest aunt (who was about 6 years older than me), would often sit around the dining room table and play board games or card games.  Because my grandma wanted to “get on with the games”, she would often have my aunt throw chicken fingers and fries in the oven, season them with spices, and then we would eat that for dinner while playing cards or scrabble.

I credit them with the reason why I enjoy math (the cards) and reading/writing (the scrabble).  The food was kind of secondary, but when I have chicken and fries to this day, I often think of those fun times with my aunt and my grandma 🙂