Writing 101 – June 2014 Challenge – Childhood Home

For most of my childhood, I grew up in a suburban middle-upper class home in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.  Winnipeg, for most of my childhood, was a city with a population of 750,000 people or so, which is a mid-large sized Canadian city.

Growing up in suburban Winnipeg, I had the good fortune of being in a neighbourhood with lots of opportunities, lots of activities for kids, and lots of outdoor playground spaces.  It was the days before the internet and large video game systems, so kids would play outside a lot, whether it be at the park or sports like soccer or street hockey.  I enjoyed playing outside, but I also liked my time indoors at home as well.

I remember my home as a fun place to play with my dog Misty, do my homework at the kitchen table, or read my books or write my short stories in my bedroom in the basement.  I also had the good fortune of having a closet in my room that also had a cupboard under the stairs (yes, Harry Potter style).  But for me and my sister Melissa, we used this as a place to play with our toys, often me playing My Little Ponies or Rainbow Brites with her in our hideout under the stairs.  (And yes, my gay self looks back now and laughs at how much I loved playing with those toys, lol.)

Overall, my home growing up was a good place to be.  Although it was suburbia, and definitely meant being slightly sheltered, I had a great sister to grow up with, and good neighbourhood friends and cousins close by.  There were always people around, and that made the place a warm and welcome one.  Although I am very happy today, living closer to downtown in a neighbourhood very far from suburbia, I still have fun memories of my childhood home.