Writing 101 – June 2014 Challenge – Free Writing, 400 Words Minimum

Today has been a good evening.  I have enjoyed watching World Cup so much, and today was another evening of watching 2 more world cup matches with friends over good food and drinks 🙂  What can be better? 😀

After this, I did a bunch of cleaning and did some dishes at home, and put on a CD of a “classic rock” band, Foreigner, which I hadn’t listened to in a LONG time.  I loved this Best of Foreigner CD, it’s one of the first CD’s I bought for myself, and it reminded me of how much fun I had listening to classic rock and 80’s music, especially in my past, and especially when I worked at the Winnipeg Zoo.  I remember I would have fun putting on this CD after close and mopping huge floors or scrubbing kitchen grills and I would just sing along at the top of my lungs, and not care that people teased me for not listening to more current music (lol).

Listening to this CD while I did the dishes and some cleaning, and while I type this blog entry, brings me back to those fun days at the zoo.  And I was toying with those concepts of memory and nostalgia last week in a blog entry, and this reminds me that these are good memories I can come back too.  Music is amazing for that, bringing us back to specific memories, even in our distant past.  It can evoke memory, thought, and feeling.  I love that about music.

But more than that, I can take elements of those fun days and those fun memories, such as the feelings music reminds me of, and use them as a spring board, to build different yet equally wonderful memories today!  So, for example, I can sit outside, enjoy the beautiful weather of a Manitoba summer, and write a blgo entry, or write in my novel, or read a book, and enjoy 🙂

As much as I do have various stressors in my life at the moment, I always like to remember that everyone has various  challenges and stresses, and many people in this world have it much worse off than I do in Canada.  I also have lots of resources, strengths, and blessings that can help me meet my challenges and tackle my stressors.

Listening to music tonight and thinking of fun memories, and pondering new plans and ideas for the future, makes me realize how lucky, fortunate, and overall how truly blessed I am 🙂

Hope everyone is doing well out there! 🙂