Movie Review – Guardians of the Galaxy (2014)

Movie Synopsis:

This Marvel Comics film features action, suspense, and science fiction thrills, following several unique and diverse characters who come together for different purposes and interests in order to stop the evil Ronan who is intent on capturing an Infinity Stone and using it to dominate and destroy the universe itself.

Movie Review:

This film was in summary an enjoyable and fun summer adventure.  The plot centred around Peter Quill, a young man who had been taken from earth at a young age after his mothers slow and painful death due to cancer.  We follow Quill and his escapades as he travels the galaxy, stealing and acting fairly reckless, without much purpose, until he encounters several other criminals and outliers of society who all, for various reasons, align to stop the dangerous Ronan.  The film follows them through dangerous sequences of events, allows us to experience a huge array of exquisite special effects both on planets and in space, and gives us many laughs along the way.

Even if you aren’t familiar with the Marvel background of this film, you can totally get into it without trouble, and it is interesting to note this doesn’t necessarily feel like a typical Marvel film.  There was a lot more humour and a lot of focus on the sci-fi elements of the plot and characters compared with past Marvel movies, which may broaden its appeal to new audiences.

Overall, this was an enjoyable movie, provided excitement, energy, humour, and thoughtful characters who gelled together well over the course of the film.  Definitely worth seeing!

Overall: 4 stars out of 5 stars.