Movie Review – Along Came a Spider (2001)

Movie Synopsis:

Detective Alex Cross, expert profiler, is at home recuperating from the emotional stress of losing his partner in a sting operation gone bad.  But he is called into action again when a dangerous mastermind kidnaps a Senator’s daughter from her school.  Cross teams up with a Secret Service Agent who was responsible for the young girl, and the two of them go on an investigative journey, battling against time, and trying to uncover the true motive behind the crime.

Movie Review:

This was a great crime thriller of a film starring the expert Morgan Freeman, who plays the title role brilliantly.  There are a few scenes of Cross in his family life dealing with the stress of losing his former partner, and Freeman plays these scenes with an interesting light, showing complexity and emotion yet also a firm poise.  Yet the writers have wisely chosen to limit these scenes, and get into the action right away, and Freeman does a great job showing us the quiet confidence, internal intelligence, and methodical nature of Detective Alex Cross.  Freeman brings this character to life very nicely.  Furthermore, his counterpart, Secret Service Agent Jezzie Flanagan, is played by Monica Potter, who does a nice job showing vulnerability yet also strength.  Although the majority of the cast is not nearly as strong as Freeman, the film’s focus on this main character in particular still allows this film to work well.  Furthermore, the film focuses on the storyline of the missing girl, and we are along for the ride as pieces slowly come together.  It is a complex web of puzzle pieces, and the writers have done a nice job of creating a complex plot, and trusting Freeman to bring the story to life through his character.  The result is an enjoyable and thoughtful crime thriller, with a few twists and turns in it that allow you to be surprised more than once.

Overall: 4 stars out of 5 stars.