Movie Review – Into the Storm (2014)

Movie Synopsis:

A team of storm chasers is looking to be the first ones to capture images and data inside a tornado itself, but the group finds it difficult in a busy storm season to be at the right place at the right time.  Meanwhile, a huge F5 system descends on the quiet town of Silverton, and a number of residents are impacted and have to react to some dangerous circumstances.

Movie Review:

This film was obviously yet another in the long history of disaster and tornado movies that have been made in the past decade or two, and in many ways this film reminded me of a cross between Twister and Deep Impact, which was the film from 1998 about a comet careening towards earth.  The connections with Twister are obvious, however what reminded me about Deep Impact was that this film had a cast of characters in different sub-plots, and then showed them coming together in different permutations later in the film.  Another connection with Deep Impact is that Into the Storm starts very slow, focuses on relationships between characters, and then eventually picks up speed much later in the film.  Furthermore, failures of Deep Impact and Into the Storm are quite similar: the slow introduction into the action that is underpinning the point of the film means viewers become impatient, waiting and waiting for the energy and high action they have been promised in the previews.  The acting and writing suffered in Into the Storm as well, which led to a slow beginning that felt even slower.  That being said, the latter third of the movie did get much more exciting, and although some of the conclusion was predictable, it was still interesting to see the development and stabilization of relationships, and enjoyable to watch the action sequences of the large tornadoes.

Overall: 2.5 stars out of 5 stars.