Movie Review – Maze Runner (2014)

Movie Synopsis:

Thomas has been pulled into a strange world where he is surrounded by other boys and young men around his age, who are attempting to survive in a small enclosed space of land, surrounded by high walls that make up a complex and ever-changing maze.  Although the leaders of this small community have instilled order, including rules around who can and cannot go into the forbidding and dangerous maze, Thomas is very curious about the maze, and how it may be the key to escaping the strange and dangerous environment they find themselves in.

Movie Review:

This movie, based on a young adult novel of the same name, was overall a great success for teens and adults alike.  The storyline was well thought out, and there were some great explorations of individual characters and emotions, while also connecting it to the action and suspense of the maze itself.  The opening of the film was fantastic, with the audience literally being brought right into the action along with our main protagonist.  The scenes in the maze were exciting and visually appealing.  And as the story broadened out and we started to learn more, at the same time as our characters, it became a much more complex and overarching series of events then we expected, which was a testament to the fine writing, as it allowed to come along for the exciting and suspenseful ride alongside the characters.  The young, diverse cast did a great job for the most part. In addition, the directing and set production both in and out of the maze did a great job translating a dark and foreboding storyline.  Although two small complaints were the lack of action in some places (more time in the maze would have been nice!) and the somewhat repetitive scenes that became reminiscent of Lord of the Flies, this movie was still an enjoyable, fun, intriguing story.  It was somewhat unique in young adult films that have come to the screen lately, and the acting, writing, and action sequences were well executed.  The film made you interested in seeing a likely sequel, which is always a good sign!

Overall: 4 stars out of 5 stars