Movie Review – The Exorcism of Emily Rose (2005)


Movie Synopsis:

This film had elements of a psychological thriller, a courtroom drama, and a horror film about demonic possession.  Emily Rose was a teenager who died a gruesome death, according to the establishment as a result of self inflicted injuries and malnutrition.  However, Emily’s family and priest believes she died at the hands of demons who had taken control of her body.  The film follows a prosecution who is trying to hold the priest accountable for what happened to Emily, while the agnostic lawyer defending the priest slowly begins to understand just what she has gotten herself involved in, as she learns more and gathers evidence following the priest’s account of what happened.

Movie Review:

This film was a very interesting multi-genre story, with elements of a slow burning thriller/drama, while at the same time having elements and scenes spread throughout that were much more intense and more in the horror genre.  The plot was a very intense storyline, loosely based on a true story, which added mystery and excitement for the audience as they watched the frightening events play out.  One never knew when the next intense and frightening scene was to occur, which gave the film a feeling of anticipation that was effective.  Although in parts the storyline did move a little bit slowly, it also allowed the audience to think and reflect on what was really going on.  Acting was very strong, with Laura Linney, Colm Feore, Tom Wilkinson, Campbell Scott, and Jennifer Carpenter all playing strong roles.  A strong final sequence in the film provided real action and intensity after the mainly slow burning throughout.  Although the visual effects were not anything to win awards, what was there particularly in the end provided fear and fright.  At the conclusion of the film, not all of the loose ends are neatly tied up, and given this film’s topic area, it leaves the viewer pondering, which is the sign the film was effective.

Overall: 4 stars out of 5 stars