catching fire

Movie Review – The Hunger Games: Catching Fire (2013)

Movie Synopsis:

Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Melark have successfully gotten out of the Hunger Games, and are trying to return to a sense of normalcy in their home in District 12.  However, when Katniss starts to go “off script” and say things that go against the Capitol, and when President Snow sees many people across districts following her rebellious thoughts, he tries to limit the damage she may cause by throwing Katniss and Peeta back into a special 75th Anniversary Hunger Games.  Katniss and Peeta must find a way to survive their most dangerous Games ever, looking for the allies and the enemies amongst them.

Movie Review:

The second movie of this series was definitely an intense addition to the series, and a stronger performance than the first film in the series.  The acting is stronger, particularly from the two main characters who have come into their own and are more comfortable performing in their characters.  The visual effects are, as usual, very strong. Whether it is the footage in District 12 in Katniss’ home and surrounding desolate village, or the impressive looking Capitol, or the water and jungle of the Hunger Games, the action sequences are well shot and exciting.  In addition, many of the minor characters in the storyline are multi layered and very fascinating to watch, and it is truly unpredictable what will happen in terms of who will be friends versus foes.  The downside to the movie is that the main character of Katniss did seem to resort to a lot of sadness and crying for multiple scenes. Granted, she is going through a lot, and is trying to survive in the Hunger Games with Peeta for a second time, while also trying to figure out who she truly loves in the love triangle portion of the story, Peeta or Gale.  However, as the movie goes on, the crying scenes of Katniss do pile on and become a little bit much, to the point of repetitive and losing their true impact to the storyline.  Overall, this movie did have a mixture of positives and negatives, and despite the hype surrounding it, is certainly not the best of the many teen/aadult fantasy movies out there right now.

Overall: 3 stars out of 5 stars