Movie Review – Into the Woods (2014)

into woods

Movie Synopsis:

In this Disney film, we see a collection of Brothers Grimm fairy tales, all creatively mashed together to create one cohesive story. The musical on screen is based on a play, and follows a variety of known characters, some previously brought to the screen in prior Disney films.  We see this mix of characters, along with some new folks, all brought together, and interacting together, inside the mysterious, dangerous, woods.

Movie Review:

This was definitely an enjoyable and fun movie to watch. Although I went into it unsure of how it would be pulled off as a musical of many stories brought together, I thought the team of actors, writers, and producers did an admirable and creative job of fusing different elements together through visuals and song.  The story was fascinating, and it was especially enjoyable to see the dynamics of fairy tale characters we know from various stories meeting each other for the first time, across storylines.  The introduction of new characters and “fairy tales” also made for interesting and new material for the viewer.  The cast did a great job with the musical style of the film, and the film crew did a great job designing and presenting the foreboding woods to the viewer.  One slight complaint was the length of the movie, which felt a little too long at over 2 hours.  The story was fun but not always fast-paced, and some editing work may have been helpful, particularly the long extended ending after what we thought may have been an ending, but wasn’t.  That being said, the ending of the story was very satisfying, as it wasn’t a perfect end for all, and therefore felt more real, and in keeping with the darker tone of the film and the woods.

Overall: 3.5 stars out of 5 stars.