Movie Review – Two Days, One Night (2014)


Movie Synopsis:

When Sandra is informed her job will be terminated so that the remaining staff in a small solar panel plant can receive year-end bonuses, she is given one weekend to speak to each staff member individually, and encourage them to forego their bonuses so she can keep her job.  She must try to get a majority of staff to vote in her favour on Monday morning, and she is working against the clock and against her own depression and internal stress to make her case, with the help of a close friend and her loving husband.

Movie Review:

This French film was certainly an interesting and unique premise, with a democratic like system in the workplace that creates a huge amount of tension on the employee.  (Whether it is truly believable or not is a matter of some debate.)  The film’s star, Marion Cotillard, did a great job in the main character role, as stressed, depressed, on the move Sandra, moving from place to place, speaking to co-workers and running up against all kinds of situations and obstacles.

It was often fun to see the diverse co-workers in their various scenarios and listen to their logic of why they would or would not support Sandra over their bonus pay,.  That being said, one item that detracted from the film was listening to the explanation of what she was asking them to consider, over and over again.  We heard literally the same speech of Sandra begging them for help 8 to 10 times, and it definitely became old after awhile.

Some of the writing did suffer from being repetitious.  Furthermore, the film’s lack of score or music sometimes detracted as well, and made for some silent sections.

That being said, there was some great emotion from Sandra and other characters in the film, and it was enjoyable to see some of her friends and her husband really sticking by her, despite the struggles and despite her own struggle with depression, which was well captured here, and which highlighted how stress really takes a toll on individuals.

Overall, this film had its high points and low points, and in the end is definitely worth a watch.

Overall: 3 stars out of 5 stars.