Book Review – Murder on the Orient Express – Agatha Christie



  •    Book: Murder on the Orient Express
  •    Author: Agatha Christie
  •    Genre: Mystery
  •    Year of Release: 1934
  •    Read 212-page hardcover edition in June 2015.

Book Description:

This classic mystery from world renowned author Agatha Christie is a tale of murder on the famed Orient Express.  Detective Hercule Poirot is traveling from the middle east back across Europe when the crowded train is forced to stop in a snowstorm.  But when one of the passengers is suddenly murdered in the night, the Detective must determine just who is responsible, from given the variety of suspects and clues on the isolated train.

Book Review:

This novel was a fantastic mystery tale from famed author Agatha Christie.  Although it didn’t feel as suspenseful as a more thriller-infused mystery feels, it still had a great structure of complexity, with a variety of suspects, and a number of clues to review.

Detective Poirot was an enjoyable and amusing character to watch, and it felt like we were watching over his shoulder as he spoke to suspects and train passengers, and reviewed a variety of evidence and clues.  Poirot’s nature and dry sense of humour created fun moments within this mystery.

The setting of the famed Orient Express train created a great mood for this type of novel, and created an almost nostalgic feeling for the reader of today, as we can think of what the journey on this famed train route would have been like.

The variety of characters were interesting and diverse, and created a real sense of suspicion, as we truly didn’t know which of the characters would have been guilty of the murder on board.  This generation of suspicion by Christie was well written, and very believable.

The one small downside to the novel was that in the interest of creating a complex story for the Detective to puzzle through, the author created quite a large listing of characters and clues on board the cramped train.  Well this created further mystery and generated tension nicely, at times it was hard to remember what some of the smaller characters had said, or what there role was in the storyline.

Overall though, this was a fantastic mystery, that is rightfully held up as a shining example of Christie’s great work, and a model for how a good mystery novel should be written by authors.

Overall: 4 stars out of 5 stars.