dragons-loyalty-award versatile-blogger-award

I am very humbled and happy to report that the excellent movie blogger 13mesh has kindly nominated me for the Dragon’s Loyalty and Versatile Blogger Awards!!!  These are the first awards my blog has received before, and I am proud to share this great news, it makes me very happy indeed! 🙂

Similar to 13mesh, I will combine the two awards together and follow the instructions in both!

Award Rules:

1. Display the award on your blog
2. Announce your win with a post and link the blogger who awarded you
3. Present 15 deserving bloggers with the award
4. Link your award in the post and let them know of their being awarded
5. Write seven interesting things about you.

Seven Interesting Things About Me:

1) My favourite past-time is reading, but I think I may actually post more movie reviews than book reviews on my blog 😛

2) I have done a much better job at writing on my blog, writing in my journal, and writing my fiction works over the past couple years, although I need to make more time for my fiction / novel writing.

3) I have a busy schedule with full-time work, the odd bit of overtime and travel required with work, and volunteer and family commitments. But I am doing a better job at balancing everything then I have ever done in my life, which feels good!

4) I don’t watch much TV, but two recent series I have been watching and enjoying are BBC Sherlock and BBC Planet Earth!

5) My favourite actor at the moment is probably Benedict Cumberbatch 😉

6) For some strange reason I have always wanted to spend vacation time checking out a real desert. Perhaps its because I live in Canada on the cold Prairies? 🙂

7) I have completed two full marathons in my life (now THAT felt like an achievement, lol)

Nominating 15 Blogs for Dragon’s Loyalty and Versatile Blogger Awards:

Check out these AWESOME blogs!!

1) Husband&Husband

2) Vinnieh

3) Xingsings

4) Ajoobacats

5) HyperReality

6) UP! urban poetrees

7) Digital Shortbread

8) Daily (w)rite

9) Lowcountry Book Lover

10) RobbinsRealm Blog

11) Erika in Bookventureland 

12) Drunken Dragon Reviews

13) The Saavy Reader

14) 101 Books

15) Books Come First

Thank you everyone for reading my blog, and for all your support and comments!

Thank you again to 13mesh for nominating me! Please check out his awesome blog: https://meshthemoviefreak.wordpress.com

Have a great September everyone!  -Matt at MatthewSean Reviews