Movie Review – The Woman in Black (2012)


Movie Synopsis:

In 19th century England, lawyer Arthur Kipps heads to outside London to a rural area to take care of some difficult business involving the tying up of legal affairs for someone who passed away in an old home. Kipps is still in mourning over his wife’s death, and he leaves his son in the care of a nanny while he goes away on this business trip. However, when he arrives in the small town, he finds an unwelcome public who threaten him about going to the home, stating it is haunted. He must get the work done to provide for his son, but as he continues to work in the home, he continues to be exposed to frightening and disturbing situations.

Movie Review:

This film was a somewhat suspenseful, somewhat intriguing, but overall mediocre thriller. Actor Daniel Radcliffe does a decent job of playing struggling lawyer Arthur Kipps, although there are times when one can’t help but think of him in his more famous role of Harry Potter. Still, he manages to shake those vestiges off and play this role with a nice air of mystery.

The storyline of the film is intriguing and suspenseful, certainly keeping the viewer on the edge of their seat for much of the time. However, in many ways the story did not feel all that unique. There was a sense in watching the film that many of the gimmicks for suspense and plot points for a supernatural thriller / horror haunted house film had been used before, and recycled for purposes of this film. For some reason it just didn’t feel that original.

There were some enjoyable moments in the film, and the suspense was enjoyable. The setting of 19th century England was brought to the screen nicely, and is always an enjoyable setting. But overall, the suspense thriller just didn’t bring enough punches to the screen to help it rise to that of a great film.

Overall: 3 stars out of 5 stars.