Movie Review – Elysium (2013)


Movie Synopsis:

In 2154, humanity has been separated into two distinct groups.  The super rich, who live in splendour and luxury in the space station Elysium orbiting earth, and the larger population of people who live with little resources in a polluted, crime-ridden world on earth.  When reformed criminal turned factory worker Max is affected by a radiation poisoning, he decided to take on a goal of reaching the spaceship above to try and find a cure for  himself and by extension to help others on earth.  However, every attempt by the forces of the orbiting spaceship will be made to stop him, led by the Secretary Delacourt.

Movie Review:

This science fiction film was very much one of the action-adventure variety, with a number of high intensity scenes, and great special effects.  The plot was fast moving and exciting.  The 109 minute film felt like it flew by, with a lot going on in the space station Elysium and on earth itself.  The visuals and cinematography were well done, with the bleakness of earth and the beauty of space and Elysium an interesting counterpoint.

Actors Matt Damon and Jodie Foster did an excellent job in their respective good and bad roles, and they definitely made the film more enjoyable for their presence.

What took away from making this film better was the lack of character development (in favour of more emphasis on the action), and also a lack of detail and illogical elements in the plot.  There were some scenes that just didn’t make sense, and that the storyline just didn’t explain well enough to the viewer.  For example, Jodie Foster as the defence secretary on Elysium is able to throw the elected President off the command centre in an emergency, which seemed strange and unrealistic at best.  There were a few points in the plot where things happened that were a little unbelievable, but were used simply to conveniently advance the story forward.

These frustrating issues aside, overall this is a fun science fiction film with a lot of energy and excitement.

Overall: 3.5 stars out of 5 stars.