Movie Review – Kingsman: The Secret Service (2014)


Movie Synopsis:

It is a dangerous time, with a psychopathic terrorist prepared to destroy the entire planet in order to preserve only a portion of the population who are deemed worthy to repopulate a new earth.  A secret spy organization, not belonging to any government but rather independent, is aware of this dangerous man, and is trying to stop him.  However, his ability to remain illusive with his planning and weaponry makes it difficult to stop him.  The spy agency is also determining which new young folks to recruit from in order to continue fighting evil such as this, and a troubled young boy from England is rising to the top despite his past.

Movie Review:

This film definitely had many things going on.  It was firstly an action / adventure / spy thriller, having spy elements of Bond, action films like Mission Impossible, and even stylistic violent sequences reminiscent of Kill Bill or Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon.

In addition, the film had many moments of comedy and jocularity fused within, almost in the spirit of Guardians of the Galaxy, but in a more earth-bound approach as opposed to traveling to other planets.

Unfortunately, when bringing all this together, sometimes the film felt a little confused or forced together in parts.  The various themes and ideas didn’t always fuse together nicely, and it felt choppy and unclear in portions.

I think the film was going for an overall comedy feel to it, and many times that is what it was.  But there were vast tracks without much humour, focusing instead on action and thriller plot lines, and therefore when it returned to the comedy and hilarity of the plot as a whole, it sometimes felt unnatural.

There were some great acting performances in the film, from the likes of Colin Firth and Samuel L Jackson, and the film definitely had its moments, but too often it was simply trying to be too many things all at the same time, and therefore it came up short.


Overall: 2.5 stars out of 5 stars.