Movie Review – Spotlight (2015)


Movie Synopsis:

In this film, based on true events, we watch the hard working and dedicated staff of the Boston Globe’s Spotlight magazine research and uncover the scandals of child molestation in the Catholic church.  What they first believe is a scandal involving a smaller number of priests and a cover up within leadership circles ends up ballooning into a global scandal with shocking impacts on a huge number of victims.

Movie Review:

This intense drama, which felt like a documentary at times, was an absolutely incredible and timely success.

This story of how journalists worked tirelessly against secrecy and coverups to expose the disgusting reality of child abuse from within the Catholic church was truly intense.  Writers Josh Singer and Tom McCarthy, who also directed the film, do a wonderful job creating an analytical and biting film that is over 2 hours long but feels like it zooms along at a healthy speed.  They do a great job bringing together the overall plot of how the Boston Globe staff worked to expose the truth, but at the same time spending time building character backstories for the principle reporters.

Commentary on the church structure and on the city of Boston is also explained nicely in the film, so viewers get a sense of the context the reporters were working within.  This is a large story, and the clarity brought to it by the writers in this film provides a quality result to the viewer.

Acting in the film is top notch, with Mark Ruffalo delivering an exceptional and passionate performance as reporter Mike Rezendes.  Other acting performances by Rachel McAdams, Michael Keaton, and others help create an exceptional film.

This was an important news story, and this film brings it home in every way, so that we can see the intense working world these reporters lived within, and the dedicated effort they put in which uncovered the ugly truth that had to be revealed.

Well done!

Overall: 5 stars out of 5 stars.