Movie Review – Oblivion (2013)


Movie Synopsis:

In the future, after an alien race called the Scavs has devastated most of Earth before being defeated, but due to the destruction, human kind has fled to a moon of Saturn. One of the last remaining human staff members on Earth, a drone repairman, is finishing up his work on security drone repairs, so that the remaining Earth resources can be utilized for the human colony.  But as he approaches the end of his multi-year assignment, he begins to question the purpose of his mission and the wider picture of what is going on.

Movie Review:

An interesting science fiction adventure, this film definitely had great visual effects and cinematography, with great imaginations of bases in the clouds of earth, desert-like former cities, and an oasis of greenery tucked away where nobody was aware of it. The images and effects in the film definitely created one that was fun and enjoyable to watch.

As the story unfolded, it was also nice to see how our main character, played by Tom Cruise, came to understand the various issues and lies that he had been told. Although there were some elements of the script that were classic science fiction, it did feel like there were some problems with the story.

One of the main issues was that other than the main character, a number of secondary characters in the film did not get adequate screen time in which to develop their characters and back stories. It was hard for viewers to really care about Morgan Freeman’s character, for example, when so little time was devoted to us understanding his motivations or experiences.

A second issue with the story was that while it did play off some classic science fiction themes, some of the scenes and sequences did feel a little too reminiscent of prior science fiction films, both recent past and distant past, to the point that it felt a little bit repetitious, as if we had seen pieces of this film before.

Although this was a fun and enjoyable movie to watch, for the reasons above I would suggest it didn’t stand out as something new to the science fiction genre.

Overall: 3 stars out of 5 stars.