Movie Review – The Forest (2016)


Movie Synopsis:

An American woman named Sara urgently travels to Japan to try and locate her missing twin sister, who had been traveling in the mysterious Aokigahara Forest.  The forest is known to be a common place for those contemplating suicide to enter.  And it is said to be a haunting place where dark spirits dwell.  Sara decides she has no choice but to enter, despite warnings against it, and see if she can find her sister, before anything happens to either one of them.

Movie Review:

This horror film, to be truthful, did not have much going for it.  Although there were a few successful scenes that made many in the theatre jump, overall this film was a poor one, with major plot holes, poor acting, convenient plot devices we see in many horror movies that aren’t trying too hard, and very predictable endings.

Furthermore, the attempts at humour by poking fun at Japan through stereotypical commentary were pretty low.

And to top it off, this supposed horror suspense really wasn’t all that scary.

Overall: 1.5 stars out of 5 stars.