Movie Review – Le Coeur de Madame Sabali (2015)


Movie Synopsis:

This colourful French Canadian comedy focuses on the life of Jeannette, a woman in Montreal who suffers from a heart condition and endures a bad relationship with a boyfriend who treats her poorly.  However, a donor heart is found for her, and she takes time off from her job selling tickets at the train station.  When she is recovering however, she begins to recall people and scenes from her donor’s prior life, and this leads her to connect with the donor’s son and family, and also question her life and her relationships with men in her own life.

Movie Review:

This film was very colourful and interesting from an artistic point of view.  The dream sequences that Jeannette sometimes has, and the various colours we see in some of the scenes, are well executed and create a visual feast at times.  Director Ryan McKenna can certainly be commended for uniqueness.

However, at times the comedy in this film felt a little over the top.  It was strange, because at times the comedy was more general and standard, but then at times it was completely ludicrous.  The result was a film that sometimes felt more realistic and artistic, but then at times it simply went off the tracks (no pun intended) into another world completely.

On that note, the plot also felt this way at times.  There were multiple storylines happening all at once.  Jeannette’s relationship with her long-time boyfriend.  Her relationship with a new man.  The shock of who this new man is.  The getting to know the family and son of her donor.  The murder of her donor and what had happened there, including the flashbacks Jeannette experiences.  Her job at the train station.  The script at times jumped from storyline to storyline, however it didn’t always feel clean and not all the storylines and plot points were fully executed or realized by the end.

Overall, although this film was funny at times and definitely cinematically beautiful, there were several issues that left the viewer perplexed and ultimately unfulfilled.

Overall: 2.5 stars out of 5 stars.