Movie Review – Now You See Me (2013)

now you see me

Movie Synopsis:

A frustrated FBI agent is forced to team up with a calm, smart Interpol detective from Europe, when several high profile heists and robberies occur by the so-called “X”, a collection of well-known illusionists and magicians.  The question is, how does one prove they are behind the crime, when they are so good at leaving no evidence?  Furthermore, who is the mastermind behind the group?

Movie Review:

This action comedy starring a plethora of well-known actors (Jesse Eisenberg, Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine, Woody Harrelson, Mark Ruffalo, Isla Fisher, and Melanie Laurent) definitely had a lot energy from the very beginning.  The opening sequences were interesting, exciting, and piqued the interest of the audience.  They helped the audience buy into the film early on, have fun, and even sympathize with these unique characters, even if some of them were potentially involved in criminal behaviour.

The story itself was dynamic, with a main plot of trying to prove the magicians were behind the thefts, well at the same time having some sub-plots, mainly focused on the characters played by Ruffalo and Freeman.  The two did a great job playing up irrational intensity and mysterious thoughtfulness, respectively.

The storyline of magicians and thefts have been done and re-done over the past decade, and at times there was a bit of a feeling that this had been done before, and there wasn’t much new here.  That being said, the writers should be commended for some great twists and turns in the plot, as well as some true surprises that come out.  The acting definitely helps sell the story, with such a strong cast.

In closing, this movie is not a stellar success that stands out from similar other movies, but it definitely was an enjoyable and fun movie, with solid acting performances.

Overall: 3.5 stars out of 5 stars.