Movie Review – Zootopia (2016)


Movie Synopsis:

In this animated film, rookie bunny cop, Officer Judy Hopps, has overcome stigma to graduate from the police academy as the first rabbit.  However, she continues to deal with stereotypes in the metropolis of Zootopia where she is now working.  She runs into a sly fox, Nick Wilde, who cons her and others out of money, she tries to do her part to make the city a better place.  However, she finds that she needs to team up with Nick and work with him to try and solve a larger conspiracy that threatens the entire city.

Movie Review:

This latest animated film by Disney was a fantastic one for young children, older children, and adults.

Most impressive is how the themes of the movie cover a lot of complex, important ground, including following your dreams, working hard to be whatever you want to be, and the dangers of stereotypes, prejudice, xenophobia, and making assumptions about others.  These are important themes to be exploring in this day and age, where sadly prejudice and racism continue to run rampant in society.  Further, these themes were presented clearly for the entire audience, making the film thought provoking for older audiences and accessible for younger audiences.  The writers should be commended for this success.

Furthermore, the writers did a nice job of balancing serious themes with a lot of humour that again works for all ages.  The music and the fun in the storyline make for an enjoyable ride.  Combined with all this is the mystery and adventure element of the story, and following our two main characters as they work together to solve a crime.  The story has elements of adventure, action, comedy, and serious themes being explored, and it all connects together brilliantly.

The casting and voice work done by the actors is brilliant, with Ginnifer Goodwin and Jason Bateman leading the way.

The animation is fantastic, particularly the way Zootopia is presented as a humming, bustling metropolis of diverse animals of all sizes.  The huge city feel and concept is brought to life perfectly on the screen.  Scenes that take place in other areas of the city that feel less like a modern day city, such as the rain forest and polar zones, also add value to the diversity on the screen.

In closing, this was a fun and entertaining movie that effectively explored important themes and topics for audiences of all ages.

Well done!

Overall: 5 stars out of 5 stars.