Book Review – Making a Break – Thursday Knight



Book: Making a Break
Author: Thursday Knight
Genre: Fiction
Year of Release: 2016
Read 183-page paperback edition in September 2016.

Book Description:

This collaborative novel is written by a collection of 21 authors from a Creative Writing class in Winnipeg, Canada. The pseudonym Thursday Knight was based on the fact the creative writing class took place on Thursday evenings at the McNally Robinson bookstore classroom in summer 2016.

In the novel, two main protagonists, Stanley and Eve, are suffering through marital issues. They jointly agree to a separation of eight months, where they can reflect on the relationship but also live their own lives and adventures. After the eight months, they will then come back together and discuss whether they should get back together, or make the separation a permanent one. Along the way, amusing, surprising, and emotional moments occur for both of them.

Book Review:


Bias warning: I was one of the students who wrote this collaborative novel! Chapter 7 is my work, and I was very proud to have my first piece of work published! The class did a great job working on this project, and the outcome was terrific, with the book selling out and getting on the bestseller list for two weeks at independent bookseller McNally Robinson in Winnipeg, Canada!

The bias being noted, I can now make some comments on the novel 🙂

From reading the book, it is quite clear to the reader that there are many different authors that utilized different styles. This can sometimes be a little bit jarring, as styles and topics change suddenly from chapter to chapter. That being said, the reader knows that this is a collaborative novel and so this is expected given how this book was produced.

The main characters are interesting and are well explored by the authors. The decision to incorporate a medical condition ensures that the novel is not only about comedy and romance, but also about drama and stress. This is a great element in the novel. The adventure in the novel takes on a more intense flavour because of the medical condition that is being faced in the novel.

Although the conclusion is somewhat predictable given many of the things that occur, particularly with Stanley, the last chapter is comedic and brings everything together very nicely.

Overall, this is a fun novel that is quick to read and has real charm.

Overall: 4 stars out of 5 stars